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"If it's worth saying, Rorifer can say it better".*

*The title and slogan were created, of course, by the AI. 


"Write me a paragraph regarding the vision of a company called "Rorifer" that uses AI for quick and autonomous content generation."

"Rorifer is a company that uses AI for quick and autonomous content generation.


We believe that AI will revolutionize the content creation process, making it faster, easier and more affordable for businesses and individuals to create high-quality content.


Our vision is to make AI-powered content creation accessible to everyone, so that anyone can create content that is engaging, informative and accurate."* 

*The title is the prompt given to our AI. The paragraph is AI's unedited response.

Abstract Structure


We Deliver the State-of-the-Art Content Generation

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"One way that content generation by AI can help end writers' block is by providing a source of inspiration for the writer. For example, if a writer is struggling to come up with ideas for a new story, they could use a content generation tool to generate a list of ideas to help them get started.


Additionally, AI-generated content can help writers to improve their writing skills by providing them with a model to follow."*

*AI's response to the prompt: "Tell me how content generation by AI can help end writers' block."

Typing with Prosthetic Hand


We’re looking for innovative talent to join our team. See all positions and submit your CV.


London, UK (Fully remote)

A flexible, ground-floor position where you take charge. We ask you to shape the position and take initiative.

King's College London students are encouraged to apply. Rorifer is a King's20 Accelerator company.

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